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All about Wedding Rings
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History of Wedding Rings.

Wedding rings go back thousands of years to prehistoric times when the groom would bind his bride’s wrists and ankles with grass; to keep her soul from escaping. During the marriage ceremony, he would untie the grass rope tying it to the bride’s finger to symbolise the coming together of their two souls in unity for eternity. 

Egyptian Pharaoh’s braided reeds and hemp together, creating a circular rope ring. Believing the Vena Amoris or Vein of love ran directly from the heart on the left-hand side of the body to the fourth finger of the left hand. Although this is not scientifically correct, the romance is still alive!!

The Romans progressed from using grass, rope and leather, creating the first Iron metal ring. 

Over time, the materials used for wedding rings started to evolve, with wedding rings being made from bone, silver and gold and eventually marked with various jewels and gemstones.

In more modern times,  soldiers in World War II started to wear wedding rings to remind them of their wives and families back home, making the wearing of a ring perfect for both grooms and brides, 

Many people today still choose rings made from bone, stone, metal and leather. Some choose to have tattooed rings permanently inked onto their fingers. Tattooing rings is gaining popularity as an option for those whose work makes it impractical to have a  solid ring. The rings are usually tattooed before the wedding day. They are then covered and hidden from view until they are unveiled during the ring ceremony. 

Adding a special touch personalising a meaningful marriage ceremony creates mystery and surprise for the wedding guests. 

Is it a legal requirement to give a wedding ring?

In short, the answer is No. In New Zealand, legally, couples are not required to give or receive a ring to solemnise their marriage. However, many couples choose to exchange rings as an outward reminder of their love and commitment towards one another. 

The Ring Ceremony.

A ring ceremony is a beautiful addition to any marriage ceremony. Couples symbolise eternal love and commitment and life journey together. Tradition states that the best man or groomsman usually take charge of the precious rings;  anyone can present them to the couple. An excellent way to include children in the marriage ceremony or a family pet; anything goes really. 

Things to Remember when planning your ring ceremony 

Always make sure the photographer knows who, what and how the ring ceremony will take place. I take great care to carefully plan and choreograph a ceremony making sure all the couples wishes are taken care of.  The photographer is given a run sheet ahead of the ceremony to know when and where the ring exchange and other memorable moments will occur. I also introduce myself to the person charged with the significant task of presenting the ring before the ceremony begins. Ensuring all the best photograph opportunities are perfectly captured!

However you choose to personalise your ring ceremony,   I hope that this blog has given you some understanding of the origin of the wedding ring. 

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