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Choosing a Date for Your Wedding Day
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Finding the perfect date for your wedding can be both exciting and even a daunting task! Once you share the joy of your engagement, inevitably, your friends and family will immediately ask, “When is the wedding date?” Read on for my guide on choosing the date to get married.

The first thing to remember is that all dates are perfect, whatever the reason, and whenever you choose, make sure it is the day you both want. You may have a particular date to celebrate your wedding day. An anniversary of the day you first met, a birthday, the date you proposed, or a season that you love. If you have a particular date, make sure you book your celebrant, venue and suppliers early.

Read on for a quick guide to help you choose the perfect date for your wedding day. 

Summer – December, January February

Christmas and New Year weddings, celebrations and summer holidays are often more accessible for people to take time off work to travel to their destination. It can be the most expensive and busy time for finding accommodation, air, and ferry travel so advise your guests to book early. January in New Zealand makes for stunning marriages with long lazy days and beautiful sunrises and sunsets filled with blossoms and flowers in full bloom. Summer months full of colour are a top choice for couples. It is also school holidays so invitations to children will be easier to organise. You will need to secure your venue and suppliers early as they get booked up very quickly. Valentines and warm summer days with cooler evenings provide a fabulous setting for afternoon sunset weddings on the beaches in the parks or by the lakes and rivers for outdoor celebrations. Remember your sunshade and sunblock!

Autumn: March, April, May 

As the days start to cool and the first hints of autumn begin to appear, this is a beautiful time to get married, providing a sublime natural backdrop. Easter is a lovely opportunity for you to get married, a long weekend holiday, plus the more settled weather. It can be cooler and depending on location, an early snowfall might add to a romantic marriage ceremony. The golden autumnal colours and stunning backdrops of mountains and lakes are perfect for wedding photographs. 

Winter: June, July and August

A winter beach with crisp blue skies beside the lakes and snowy blanketed mountain ranges for winter wonderland weddings,  with the opportunity for a winter sporting honeymoon during the skiing season. A beautiful time of year, stunning snow-capped mountains make for fantastic wedding photographs. 

Spring: September, October and November

Even though still cooler and wetter in some areas, the days start to lengthen, and the early signs of new growth in the greenery of the trees, beautiful daffodils, snowdrops and early spring flowers are ideal for colour and ambience. Indoors or outdoors, a spring wedding is fabulous.

In New Zealand, you can choose to hold you’re wedding ceremony anywhere at any time on any day. There are some restrictions for different types of ceremonies. Always have a plan B as no matter which season you choose to get married in, the unexpected can happen. And remember, whichever date you choose it will always make you smile. 

All that is left for you to do is ‘Save The Date’!

Let’s talk to discuss your ideas and get started creating your marriage ceremony on the perfect date for your wedding day.

Your Date, Your Day, Your Way