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Top Tips For Finding Your Perfect Wedding Shoes
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Choosing the perfect shoes for your Wedding Day can be a stressful process, high ones, flat ones etc.  You don’t want to spend all day with sore feet or pinched toes. Please read my latest blog, packed with hints and tips to consider when choosing your fabulous wedding shoes.

Consider the Cost

Make sure you have a budget in mind when choosing your Wedding Shoes, think about if you are going to wear them again after the wedding or if they are just one-off beauties. Use a guideline of pay more for a pair of shoes that will last for ages or a little less for a pair that you plan to only wear for your wedding day.

Its a question of Height

Comfort, style, compromise. Do you want 4-inch shoes that look absolutely stunning, you haven’t worn for years and may not be able to walk in, or do you want some fabulous flats or funky boots? There are so many options to choose from. Remember that whatever you choose is an expression of your style, so go for whatever makes you happy, comfortable and allows you to get through your day with ease and pain-free. 

The Size is Right

How many of us have brought a pair of shoes that look amazing and we knew weren’t quite the right fit? Have no regrets. Make sure they are the right fit and that you wear them around the house for a few hours before your Wedding Day, Any excuse to bring a bit of glam to your day. 

Wear and Wear

That is the question! If you are wanting to wear them often after the wedding. Choose colours, patterns, florals and themed shoes that you will continue to enjoy wearing for months following.

Finding The Ones

Sometimes it is so hard to find exactly what you want off the shelf because they simply don’t exist. You may be looking for heels featuring your favourite flowers or boots with a favourite character embellishing the sides. You may not know what you want, they just need to be awesome! So why not ‘get crafty’ or find someone who is, and start creating a bespoke shoe that is as fabulous as you. 

Two Pairs

Cover all bases, consider buying two pairs of wedding shoes, ones that are so gorgeous you can’t resist them and those you know will feel like magic all day long. One pair for your ceremony and another for when they start to get too much. Think about what you normally wear day to day, trainers, boots, wedges or heels. The best of both worlds. Super comfy for all day and maybe you will want to dance the night away.

No Rules

There are no rules, make sure you buy your shoes that express you and how you are wanting to match with your Wedding outfit. Traditional and classics are stunning or throw away traditional and be as bold, bright and colourful as you want. Let you imagination run wild and have shoes that express your perfect style and personality. Most of all have shoes that make you smile!