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Your Ultimate Free Guide to Planning Your Wedding.
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Planning your Wedding Day can be one of the most stressful events in your life. Read on to see how I can help you with your wedding planning, and download my free wedding planning checklist to help you tick off all the to-do’s before you say “I Do.”

Planning Your Wedding Day

Ok, so you have this covered. Many couples have a pretty good idea of everything they need to do before their Wedding day. I am sure you have ordered your wedding dress or suit, picked your venue, chosen your caterer and your Bridesmaid, Groomsmen. As the months go by, you may still be wondering what else you need to do to help your day be perfect.

After talking to couples and wedding planners and hearing their hints and tips, I have produced this free guide for planning your wedding. to help you tick the boxes. As you sort out the all-important task to make the day you get married as easy and stress-free as possible.

Top Tips From Your Celebrant When Planning Your Wedding

  1. Know what your budget is and stick to it. It is easy to fall into the desire trap when planning your wedding day with many ideas and suggestions on the internet and in wedding magazines. Stick to the must-haves and recognise the things you can do without. Keep costs to a minimum with some creativity and DIY. Don’t let the lead-up be filled with stress, blowing the budget out of the window.
  2. Don’t get overwhelmed with suggestions from your helpful friends and relatives. We all have our ideas on how or what a wedding should be. In our minds, we know the best things and the must-haves for a successful wedding day. Try to listen to others’ ideas but only carry them out if you think they will add quality to your special day.
  3. Remember, Your Wedding Day is yours; you choose to marry the love of your life and share the moment with these special people whom you love and love you. Keep your guest list to the number that you feel is appropriate. A good rule of thumb is if that person has not spoken to you for the last 12 months or you haven’t had any contact with them. Are they interested in celebrating you and your new life or want to come to the party!!
  4. Your Wedding Day is the day you are marrying your special someone. Only do what you both want to do. The memories are yours to treasure for a lifetime.
  5. Enjoy every moment, the good, the bad and the ugly. In years to come, you will either forget these moments or remember them with joy and laughter.

Please Download Your ‘Planning Your Wedding’ Checklist Here