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Top Tips On Writing Your Wedding Vows
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Here are Sally’s Top Tips On writing your amazing wedding vows. The time has come. You have spent months preparing for your special wedding day, venue, guest lists, dress, flowers, all the amazing touches to make your day perfect. Now, you have to think about the most intrinsic part of your day, Your Ceremony, 20 – 30 minutes when you pledge your love and commitment to spend the rest of your lives together.

Time and Length

Discuss with your partner the amount of time you will take to share your vows. Usually, 1-3 minutes each works well. Keep them fairly short and succinct and to the point. Think outside the box. Write as a poem, recipe, a quote or a song. You could write a love letter. How about two sets of vows? one to share at the ceremony for your guests to hear, and a private vow to be romantically shared on your honeymoon.  Remember,  it is your decision, Your celebration,  your Day to have your way.


Spend time thinking about your partner, write down the things you love and appreciate. Think about the thing you most admire and the things that annoy you. Think about when you first met. Ask yourself,  What first attracted you to your partner? What made you fall in love with them? Why are you marrying them?  Do you want to include some traditional words or promises? Talk about your life before you met and how you have changed since meeting your partner. Be mindful and respectful about sharing personal details with all your guests. 

Stay true to yourself be authentic, remember who you are. You are who your partner fell in love with. Try to be natural and even use a few soppy cute words if you want to. A few tears can be special. Use some humour, if you are comfortable doing this and usually speak this way, always do what is in your heart and right and true to you

Hopes and Dream

Focus on what this marriage means to you. What are you saying YES to and what you wish to promise your partner. The future you see as a couple sharing your hopes, dreams and life together

Practise, Practise, Practise!

Once you have completed writing your beautiful piece of work,  you want to be able to say your vows well on the day.  Three most important things to do are Practise, Practise, Practise. Stand in front of a mirror or video yourself, then play it back this will give you confidence and the tricky words will be easier to say even with emotion. The words will flow and be wonderful.

Have Two Copies

Do not rely on memory. Emotion and occasion take over. However much you think you remember and have practised, you don’t want to forget any of the precious words that you have taken so much time writing. Give a copy to your celebrant they can hand them to you when the time comes or they can guide you with reading them quietly for you to repeat as your nerves allow. Remember a good celebrant is there to honour you and not to embarrass you. Making your ceremony perfect.

Be Proud of you Vows

You have worked so hard to write and deliver them. Make them a special part of your future ahead. Frame them for display in your home. Place them in a photograph album with the pictures of your special day. Enclose them in a capsule with memorabilia of your Wedding Day, opening it on a future anniversary, reading your vows as a reminder of your amazing Wedding Ceremony. This moment to treasure forever because you made Your Celebration, Your Day, Your Way.