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Personalise Your Ceremony

Are you thinking of proposing to the love of you life this Christmas and not sure how? All you want for Christmas is the love of you life to say ‘YES’.

Read on and find your perfect Proposal inspiration right here.

Camping, Hotels and Batches.

Choose your moment, create a wonderful space with music and flowers, nibbles and candles and sparkling lights. A magical intimate moment where your partner least expects to here the words ‘Will you Marry Me.’

Treasure Hunt or Mystery Tour.

Take you your partner on a magical mystery tour give them a map and some clues to follow and work out leading to a spot that you both met or a romantic dinner set up.

Outdoor Adventure.

Hiking or at the beach take your partner on a beautiful walk somewhere ending with you ‘popping the question.’

Back gardens and Living rooms.

Candles, carpets, cushions and bubbles can all be used to create a romantic space. You are only limited by your imagination.

Movie night on the couch.

At the end of watching your favourite movie together make a short movie incorporating some of your photo’s of places you have been together with your favourite music playing and at the end have the word ‘Will You Marry Me? ‘

Pet Proposal.

Train your fur baby to walk in and deliver the question either attached to a collar.

Baking Delights.

Bake cookies together and hide the ring in the dough so that your partner finds it when they roll it out.

Boats, Buses and Airplanes.

Whether you are fishing, cruising, travelling to see family, a perfect intimate moment to propose.

Pass the Parcel for two.

Wrap the ring in a Gift Box and in-between all the layers of paper write a reason why you love your partner and want to spend the rest of you life with them as they peel of the layers they read your little notes and finally find the ring in the box at which you ask them if they will marry you.

Baubles and Home made Crackers.

Fill a bauble with lovely glitter and write your partners name on, when they find the bauble the ring is inside.

Crack open a cracker and have the proposal surprise with the words ‘Will you Marry Me’ instead of the cracker joke.

Code Crackers and Puzzles.

Write a romantic letter in code for your love to crack! Or make up a crossword puzzle or word search. They will find the Words ‘Marry Me ‘ Sure to be a winner.

These are just a few inspirational ideas for you to make your stunning memorable Christmas Proposals. I am happy to talk if you would like some more ideas or would like to share your amazing proposal moment and your partner said ‘Yes’ to the best proposal ever.