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Top Tips for incorporating the tradition of Something Old on your Wedding Day
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The rhyme describes what items the bride needs to include on her wedding day to bring good luck to the Marriage. This tradition dates back to the 19th Century in Lancashire in England. Read on to find the meaning of this tradition and some new inspiration on how you can incorporate it into your fabulous wedding day.

Something Old, Something New,
Something Borrowed,
Something Blue,
A sixpence in your shoe.

Something Old

A link with your past. Carry a photograph of your first date. A ticket from the first movie or concert you went to see together. Sew a piece of lace from your grandmother’s wedding dress or veil. My grandmother lent me her pearl necklace to wear on my Wedding day. Representing something borrowed and something old, she later gifted it to me when my first child was born. This precious necklace will be passed on through the family for generations to come. A garter adds some fun and romance, presenting a great photo opportunity. Weave a piece of coloured ribbon through it or embellish it with an addition of lace. Another way to add a personal touch to your ceremony is to choose a hand tying or hand fasting Ceremony. This can include items from the family that are used to ‘Tye the Knot’ or to unite a blended family during your marriage ceremony.

Something New

Jewellery is often given as a gift to the bride to wear on her wedding day. The groom may gift a necklace or earrings. You could buy a new broach or bracelet to wear on the day, later handing it down throughout the family for their wedding day. Cufflinks worn by past generations or a tie pin gifted to your groom are also favourites.

Something Borrowed

So many ideas for this one, dad’s handkerchief to wrap around your bouquet. A clutch bag from a friend for all those little essentials. Some jewels borrowed from a friend or your mum will look perfect with your chosen wedding dress. A veil worn by a family member or a special friend would complete your outfit. Hat pins placed in bouquets or buttonholes are a reminder of someone special.

Something Blue

The colour blue stands for love and luck. It is also said to keep away any evil spirits or bad luck. Blue shoes, a blue dress, blue suit, blue tie, blue flowers, blue socks! In New Zealand, the beautiful Paua shell brings strength, inner peace and love. Paua shells are found along our coastline. I offer them to be used as a ring holder to decorate your signing table and enhance the ceremony space.

Sixpence in Your Shoe

Often missed in this tradition. A coin in your shoe brings prosperity and wealth to the Marriage. Track down an old sixpence from the Christmas pudding used during your childhood; a family member or friend may have one in a box or at the back of the infamous bits and pieces draw!! Remember, if putting a coin in your shoe, make sure it doesn’t hurt your feet. Tuck it into a sock or tape it to the side of the shoe.

Enjoy starting new traditions or re-discover those in your family that may have been lost over the years. All these special touches will enhance your Wedding Day uniquely and memorably.

As promised, these are just some of my ideas and top tips with you for incorporating Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue. Don’t forget that Sixpence!