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Wedding Theme Ideas
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No matter when you start planning your wedding you will be bombarded with a whole new language and ideas to excite delight and inspire you, or you may feel overwhelmed with the amount of choice and expectations out there. From Beaches to Barnes, starfish to sunflowers, crowns or tiara’s, colours and catalogues.  Think about formal or informal sustainable or indulgent, budget and time to create. I am about to take you into the beautiful world of wedding themes, together we will explore the difference between Rustic and Vintage, Classic and Contemporary, Farm, Festival, Vineyards. Here are a few fantastic ideas start you thinking and help you discover the style and the theme for your unique wedding day. You are only limited by your imagination. So let’s take a moment to indulge and delve into the whole new world of Wedding Themes. 

Traditional, Classic, Contemporary

The Traditional Classical styled wedding usually takes place in a church setting with all the look and feel of the classical wedding approach,  from the brides gown to the grooms top hat and tails or tuxedo. The bridal party are usually dressed in the same style. The service is a formal, organised religious service. The use of bible readings and spiritual prayers, are often scripted with little room for personalisation. A choice of hymns, readings offer room for the invitation for family or friends to take part. A Contemporary style presents the opportunity for a relaxed personal approach with the emphasis on your traditional values and beliefs with modern thinking woven into the occasion, creating a classic feel.

Farm or Festival

A country style, to have a sustainable, environmentally friendly wedding, using elegance and rustic charm. Hay bales and gumboots give an informal approach or a boho and smart casual look. This provides an opportunity to have fun with a festival feel. Style your day around your surroundings with trucks and tractors, barns and sheds all make amazing backdrops for your photographs and an informal reception. Again there are many ways you can include those special people in your life during your ceremony maybe a cake and ale ritual, a first toast or jump the broom once you have tied the knot! 

Gardens and Parks

Whether a public garden, park or family space, this is an informal and intimate setting. Create romantic elegance inspired by flora and fauna,  naturally decorating your ceremony. The sustainably minded couple choose a marquee,  hosts home or an informal venue to have their reception.

Vintage Theme

bride groom flower

Downtown Abbey or love of the Victorian era, inspired by the fashion and elegance of the ’20s ’30s and ’40s with glamorous hairstyles and elaborate use of chandlers and classic cars. This is an excellent way for you and your guests to have fun, encapsulating the feel, look and charm of those great days of film, romance, elegance and style.

Vines and Vineyards

The beautiful natural surroundings of most vineyards offer an easy option to theme your wedding day. The natural landscapes and rows of vines, wine cellars and buildings all offer inspiration and a perfect mix of simplistic elegance and rustic charm. An informal, intimate wedding amongst the grapes or a more formal choice of the winery providing space and romance to your day.


Perfect choice for sustainable, budget choices from the sublime to the luxurious. Imaginations combined with someone handy with tools. A great way to involve your family and friends helping to create a romantic personalised wedding day for you. A ceremony can be filled with symbolic gesture and ritual enveloping the team of volunteers that bless your day and style.

If the Beach is Your Thing

Elegance, freedom, fun and formality are all able to be incorporated in a beach wedding. With an informal dress, bare feet and fancy-free or elegant jandals (flip flops) all wrapped up with romance and style. The ceremony in the surf or a beautiful arch for you to share your vows. Perfect for a sunset or sunrise wedding ceremony allowing time and space for a beach party, hop or move on to another venue for the reception.

Luxurious, Glamorous and Extravagance. 

Pure extravagance and glamour themed wedding day, bling and glitter, sparkling stones for the discerning budget,  all wrapped up with Hollywood Glamour and Royal elegance and sophistication. Traditional elements mixed with the modern ideas to embellish and deliver a wedding day of your dreams. Choose an elegant manor, stately home, castle or the ritz all wrap this style with opulent indulgence to make your wedding day a splendid occasion. 

Fantasy and Film

Indulge your every wish, styled with elements and imagination. From steampunk to science fiction. Using costumes and sets to reflect your dream fantasy-themed wedding. New Zealand offers numerous locations and venues. Steampunk and sites used for your favourite films, all making great choices for your ceremony. Unlimited imagination using ritual and symbols fitting to your theme all working, perfecting your day with fantasy and fun, love and romance. 

Whatever your Wedding Theme choice. Give me a call, I am excited to have fun working with you to inspire, write and deliver a perfect personalised ceremony. As we explore your story and incorporate the fantastic, elegant, eccentric classic with the traditional style. Weaving words and symbols into your wedding day –  ensuring the day you get married is filled with an unforgettable ceremony tailor-made just for you.